Sonography is a very useful tool for both men and women to diagnose various diseases. However, the equation for women and sonography is a bit more conservative. Sonography is a very useful tool for both men and women to diagnose various diseases. However, the equation for women and sonography is a bit more conservative. Because sonography helps her like a close friend in various situations in a woman’s life without her ailments, the difficulties she faces.

Adolescent sonography

This is a very vibrant phase in women’s lives. Because in this, she was a young boy. Many teenage girls have different problems with menstruation. His clemency is soon to be done. Therefore, it should be thoroughly examined by a gynecologist. Often these girls have to do sonography. Abdominal cramps during the back, menstrual periods, excessive bleeding, irregular bleeding, menstrual periods, abdominal cramps, non-menstrual cramps, regular menstrual cycles, non-menstrual periods, delayed sleep. Sonography diagnoses many ailments of girls’ genitals. E.g. Birth defects, uterine tumors, buccal cysts etc. In these girls, sonography has to be tested on the stomach. For this, you have to be careful that the bladder is full without urinating for four hours. It is also said to drink a lot of water. The uterus, which is in the back of the bladder full of urine, helps the uterus, ovaries to appear properly in the background.

Infertility and sonography

Sonography’s involvement in infertility is a worldwide phenomenon. Infertility treatment does not begin without sonography. Sonography can be done in two ways. Through the stomach and vagina. Infertility Sonography is mainly used by the vagina. In females, one ovary is produced in the ovary every month. Usually the twelfth to fifteenth day of the menstrual cycle, the ovarian follicle breaks out and the ovaries emerge from it. You can see this in the sonography of the changes and breaks in the growth of these follicles. The women who undergo these tests are called on the ninth or tenth day of the menstrual cycle and see an increase in ovarian follicles. They are called back every day or one to two days and usually do this check once a week. In many women, the ovaries are not well prepared or are not ready for perfection. It is very important in the treatment of femininity for such women to increase their ovulation by supplying drugs or hormones to produce ovulation. Each woman has a different response to the treatment and thus has to make minimal changes to the dosage of the drugs or hormones. All of this is controlled by sonography only. But this often requires repeated sonography.

Pregnancy sonography The

remarkable surprise of a pregnant woman is that the sonography alone is able to see the growth and movement of her baby from birth to birth. We can note the tightness and full growth of the baby from just such a degree. Apart from this one can get a lot of information about the diseases, disorders, defects in the womb. Most of the time, we can take measures. Pregnant woman’s sonography is a normal part of the procedure with other tests. In women who have or are afraid of miscarriage, treatment is done even through sonography. Pregnant women perform sonography three to four times over a period of nine months, and need to do sonography more often, as needed.
The first sonography is performed in one and a half to two months (six to eight weeks). It is determined whether there is a pregnancy. If so, how many weeks is there to see. The second sonography is performed in three to four months (3-5 weeks). This time we see the fetus in a slight shape. With sonography we can diagnose and diagnose a large number of illnesses as a baby. The third sonography is performed in the fourth to fifth month (3-5 weeks). This sonography is & lsquo; targeted & rsquo; Known as sonography. It involves the proper examination of the head, back, stomach, heart, hands and face of the fetus. Fourth sonography is performed in seven to eight months (6 to 6 weeks). This is also called growth scan. It takes into account many factors such as baby’s growth, fetal level, birth weight of the baby.

Sonography in adulthood

Many women think that they need to check forty now? In fact, after the age & zwnj; slip, the woman’s third turn begins. Such women should undergo gynecological examination every year. Also, it is necessary to do sonography once every year. This is the age at which retirement comes. Many women get irregular bleeding due to fluctuations in female hormones at this time. At the same time, cancer rates are high. Because of this we ask these women to do some checking. Sonography is one of those important investigations.

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